Portfolio of Services

Brian Vallely & Co Independent Financial Services is the trading name of Fairstone Financial Management Ltd. The original company was established by Brian Vallely in 1996 and has built up a significant client base of satisfied customers. Our aim is “To provide professional, independent financial advice, with honesty and integrity by tailoring solutions specific to our clients needs and objectives, both now and for the future, whilst delivering value for money.

Investment Management

Choosing the right investments could play a vital role in helping to secure your financial future.

McWilliam Vallely & Co Ltd has a 3 tiered approach to investment management

1. Advisory Portfolio Management

This is a service which puts you the client in control of the decisions we make in respect of your investment portfolio. Following a discussion on the ‘level’ of risk you wish to be exposed to and bearing in mind any current investments you may have in your portfolio, we create your investment risk profile. Using this profile we then search the market for the most appropriate investment match. Even at this point you may decide to invest more in a particular area or less if you feel it is too risky. The ultimate decision rests with you.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

We have access to a number of Discretionary Managers who manage our clients’ funds. These managers have the resources......








Providing for your family in death or illness is one of those areas always open for discussion. The question is, how much should we be insured for in the event of premature death or illness and is the cost affordable. Hopefully this will never happen, however ask yourself, in the event of, for example, Illness leading to your inability to work, will your family cope and if not how much will they need. Should the unforeseen happen, our help and guidance through this delicate area will mean you are prepared. Even if you have existing policies, we will ensure they cover what you want and are reasonably priced



Pre & Post Retirement Planning

There has been a sharp fall in the percentage of people saving adequately for requirement.

Of those who have a pension, many have no idea how their pension is performing or what it will equate to in financial terms on retirement


Pre-Retirement Planning

The provision and implication of retirement solutions can be very complex and the earlier in our working life we embark on retirement planning the easier the path

will be. There are a number of retirement solutions available. Company sponsored schemes will no doubt become more popular for employed and part-time employees, but many employees and self-employed will still prefer to manage their own pension funds...






Residential & Equity Release Mortgages

Buying a property can be exciting but it can also be very stressful. You just have to look at the High Streets  in our towns and cities to realise how many different  types of mortgages are available. We have almost 2000 on our research  system from fixed rate to variable and capped. We help you get through  the mortgage maze and recommend the mortgage which suits you.

You may wish to release  capital from your property either for your own personal  use or for one of your children. In most cases you need to be more than 55 and in reasonable health  and the money released from your property can be used for whatever  you want. No repayments are made during the life of the mortgage instead the interest is rolled up until the property is sold.

McWilliam Vallely & Co Ltd can advise on the most appropriate lenders  available  to you. 


Tax Advice

We help many of our clients prepare documentation for HMRC. In a number of cases we help clients by reducing client’s tax liability through strategic planning from income tax to inheritance tax and capital gains tax. In more complex cases we have a panel of

accountants available to ensure all options are explored.

Take that first step now by giving us a call or if you prefer email us with best contact details and we will come straight back to



An increasing number of people are now leaving part of their estate in trust instead of through their will, to sons, daughters or

grandchildren. A trust can be set up by anyone through ourselves as independent financial advisers or your solicitor .

The main benefit of setting up a trust is to ensure the asset goes specifically to an individual or individuals for a known purpose

such as education or marriage. In certain cases leaving an asset in trust could also help reduce an inheritance tax liability. A trust

may also be used to provide income for the benefit of a disabled person should they need care later in life.

There are many different types of trusts and this is why advice is required from someone who is qualified and knowledgeable in trusts such as ourselves or your solicitor.


Our Fees

Our advice is competively priced and the first consolation will be at our expense. At that time if we can help and you wish to proceed, we will discuss our remuneration structure. 


Estate Planning

Having built up a sizeable estate through thrift, investments or inheritance, you will want to ensure that your estate is not subject to unnecessary tax. Regardless of the size of your estate we can provide advice on how to reduce the tax implications

Long Term Care

We are also in a position to help you should you require Long Term Care. We will discuss what assets are taken into account and what will avoid means testing.